Community Guidelines
Last modified: 2019-09-23
Each time you get on Indexed, you’re joining a community with members that are spread out all across the world, and with that, is a mutual level of trust and respect each member must have for the others. We’re expecting Indexed to continue to serve as a safe space for self-expression and the celebration of creativity, so here are some rules we’re expecting everyone to follow.

Don’t post harmful, hateful, violent or dangerous content

Don’t post content that encourages others to harm or bring danger to themselves or anyone else. If you do, you and your content will be banned forever. If your work has graphic content and it gets reported by the members of Indexed, we’ll have to remove it.

No Pornography. Ever.

We get that you may be a photographer and/or model, and you may have some nudes that you want to showcase, but don’t. This isn’t a porn site and some of the users may get offended.

Don’t send out threats or cyberbully

We’re going to get rid of you immediately if you do.

Respect Copyrights & don’t impersonate anyone
Only upload content that you’ve made or have been authorized to use. This includes creating fake accounts meant to represent someone else or someone else’s work.

No Spam
Everyone hates spam..

Respect privacy
Don’t upload information about someone else without their consent. If someone has posted your personal information or uploaded content of you without your consent, report it to us and we’ll remove the content as soon as we can.

If a user’s on- and/or off-platform behavior harms our members, community, or team, we may respond based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the egregiousness of their actions and whether a pattern of harmful behavior exists.

Our response will range from suspending privileges to account termination.